Nurse Call Systems
Dream Systems provides a robust nurse call system that is completely reliable. Our solution focuses on flexibility, quality, and the care of your patients.

nurse call. simplified. period.

Healthcare Remote Presence
Implement healthcare processes, visit patience, or keep an eye on love ones from anywhere in the world. All of which allows complete freedom to move throughout the room as you please. Healthcare has never been so mobile.

healthcare remote presence. simplified. period.

Enterprise Level Phone Systems
Dream Systems provides a feature rich solution for your commercial grade phone systems. Dream Systems ties management, internal users, and remote hospital staff together bringing efficient healthcare to the next level.

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Commercial Grade Camera Security
Dream Systems ensures that your HD video surveillance provides you the peace of mind that you deserve. Dream Systems shall design, install, and configure all aspects of your single or multi-site HD video surveillance system. All cameras, would be viewable from one easy to use interface.

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Complete Access Control
Dream Systems provides an all in one solution for access control. Whether key fob / keycard access, biometric control, or face recognition.. Dream Systems puts you in control of who has access to where in your healthcare facility.

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Digital Messaging
In the event of an emergency, digital disaster messaging would be automated to broadcast on all desktops, laptops, and TV displays throughout the facility. Digital instructions to safety would then display to ensure all involved are cared for.

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IT support
Dream Systems focuses on providing best in class IT support for you and your employees. This allows you to focus on what is most important. Dream Systems will support all Desktops, servers, remote users, and other onsite technology for your corporate environment.

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Cloud Solutions
Dream Systems will virtualize, protect, and backup your commercial data with our robust cloud solution. Dream Systems ensures that you and your information is protected at all times. All data is then made available to you at a push of a button from anywhere in the world.

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Printing Solutions
Dream Systems provides easy and innovative printing solutions for your corporate environment. We learn your business flow and propose a solution that is tailored to your needs. This allows you and your employees to perform as efficiently as possible.

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Robust Network
Dream Systems shall eliminate all “network dead zones” throughout your facility to ensure complete coverage to all hardwired and wireless devices. Dream Systems focuses on security and simplicity when it comes to your corporate network.

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Centralized Equipment
Dream Systems ensures all equipment is protected, neatly installed, and climate regulated to protect your investment. Large or small commercial projects, Wire management is of top priority of Dream Systems for all centralized equipment.

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