Yacht Automation
Take your automation to the open sea. Dream Systems will provides a premium automation system that gives you complete control of your Yacht’s lights, shades, climate, AV, and more with a push of a button.

yacht automation. simplified. period.

Premium Home Theatres
Dream Systems will design, calibrate, and install every aspect of your premium home theatre. From the 8K video wall to the popcorn machine, Dream Systems provides the best solution to “wow” your guests.

home theatres. simplified. period.

RV Automation
Dream Systems will automate your RV giving you the same control as your residence automation system. Your automation system is now as mobile as you are.

RV automation. simplified. period.

Premium Golf Simulators
Use the same advanced tools that professionals use to improve their golf game with Dream Systems premium golf simulators. Experience incredible realistic courses and pinpoint accurate software to bring your game to the next level.

golf simulators. simplified. period.