Centralized Control
Eliminate multiple remotes to control your entertainment system. Get rid of multiple apps to control your smart home. Let Dream Systems program a custom interface on your touchpanel, touchscreen remote, or app to provide complete automation for all aspects of the residence.

centralized control. simplified. period.

HD Video
Take watching to the next level and allow Dream Systems to install the latest in 4K displays. From 1 TV to 25 TV’s, Dream Systems will provide a clean, professionally installed finish.

HD video. simplified. period.

Professional Audio
Dream Systems provides the latest configuration in surround sound for a truly realistic experience. Keep premiere audio in one room or distribute it to multiple rooms with a push of a button.

professional audio. simplified. period.

Premium Surround Sound
Dream Systems takes surround sound to the next level by making you completely immersed in your entertainment area. Call us today to experience a movie like never before.

premium surround sound. simplified. period.

Acoustic Treatment
Whether it’s pre or post construction, Dream Systems will provide acoustic treatment for your space or complete room isolation.

acoustic treatment. simplified. period.

Shade and Lighting Control
Give interior design a “wow” factor in your home. Dream Systems will install controllable shades and lighting that can be automated or scheduled to fit your individual day.

shade and lighting control. simplified. period.

Climate Control
Climate control by Dream Systems offers a great level of convenience for any home. Automated climate preset “scenes” offer temperature changes in one or all zones of your home at a push of a button.

climate control. simplified. period.

Voice Control
Dream Systems can make your voice as powerful as your automation system. Convenient control has never sounded so good.

voice control. simplified. period.

Commercial Grade Camera Security
Dream Systems ensures that your HD video surveillance provides you the peace of mind that you deserve. Dream Systems shall design, install, and configure all aspects of your homes HD video surveillance system on one easy to use interface.

camera security. simplified. period.

Intrusion Security
Dream Systems will design, configure, and install a full intrusion protection system that provides complete piece of mind. In today’s troubled world, you deserve the solution that will protect you and your family.

Intrusion security. simplified. period.

Your Network
In today’s modern home, a secure robust wifi network is critical. Dream Systems will eliminate “dead zones” throughout the home while focusing on security of your information from data threats.

your network. simplified. period.

Remote Access
Make your automation system as mobile as you are. Dream Systems will allow you all of the same control that you have in your home as when you’re outside of it. Camera access, Security Arming / disarming, lighting control, Gate control, climate, and more is controllable from anywhere in the world from one easy to use app.

remote access. simplified. period.

Centralized Equipment
Dream Systems ensures all equipment is protected, neatly installed, and climate regulated to protect your investment. Large or small projects, Wire management is of top priority for all centralized systems installed.

centralized equipment. simplified. period.