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Computer Consulting

Use our expertise!  We have experts trained in numerous certifications to help keep your system working smoothly.  We stay up to date on the latest products and trends in specific technologies so you don’t have to.

Let us help you with:

•    PC Tune-Up
•    Purchase New Equipment
•    Network Support (see networking)
•    Removing Viruses
•    Software/Computer Training
•    Data Recovery
•    Remote Access Repair
•    Online Backup Services
•    IMC Email & Web Hosting
•    Router and Firewalls
•    Servers for Small Businesses
•    Internet Sharing/Distribution Systems
•    Email Setup, Troubleshooting

Theatre Design Process

Overall home theatre room design and your home theatre system components layout are crucial for best systems performance and your personal comfort when enjoying a movie at home. Dream Theatres has perfected video display and speaker placement, acoustic and lighting control considerations, home theatre seating and furniture suggestions, and the little extras such as movie posters which complete the home cinema experience.

A custom theatre project usually begins with the client contacting us and making a appointment for a private consultation in our show room.

A brief discussion then takes place concerning what room or space in the client’s home has been designated for the theater and what the available options are as dictated by the room's size and budget requirements.

As the project moves forward our designer will submit a design proposal to the client. This proposal includes an design fee for construction drawings and room requirements. Since our expertise encompasses all the elements of the room - sound, projection, lighting, curtains, HVAC, acoustics, etc., we provide detailed specifications and requirements for all elements of the project.

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